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Niesen Construction

Exterior Projects in Hays County 

Siding, Windows, Doors, Painting, Outdoor Renovations

Boost the curb appeal and functionality of your Hays County, TX home with our wide array of exterior services. We’re experts in fitting robust siding, installing high-efficiency windows, and adding elegant doors, alongside professional painting and significant outdoor improvements. Our adept team is set to rejuvenate your home’s exterior, ensuring it not only catches eyes in your community but also offers enhanced protection and comfort for your family.

Niesen Construction

Interior Projects in Hays County

Plumbing, Sheetrock and Painting

Craft a welcoming and warm interior in your Hays County residence with our specialized interior construction offerings. Our team, seasoned in handling comprehensive plumbing, sheetrock installation, and detailed painting, is ready to assist whether you’re updating a solitary room or the entirety of your home. We pride ourselves on our expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to achieving exceptional finishes. Depend on us to transform your interior into a harmonious and practical space that reflects your personal style.

Niesen Construction is a preferred contractor for many Austin-area realtors.

Niesen Construction

Commercial Work in Hays County

Concrete, Office Renovations

Your go-to for all commercial construction requirements in Hays County, TX. Our repertoire includes a variety of commercial endeavors from concrete work to office makeovers. Our knowledgeable crew grasps the distinct demands of commercial environments, aiming for top-quality results that adhere to your financial and temporal stipulations. Whether refreshing your office space or enlarging a retail outlet, our skillset is poised to realize your commercial project visions.

Niesen Construction

Kitchen and Bath in Hays County

Floor & Tile, Cabinets, Countertops, Bath & Shower

Elevate your kitchen and bath areas to a new echelon of design and functionality with our inclusive services in Hays County, TX. We specialize in laying down stylish floor and tile options, fabricating bespoke cabinets and countertops, and executing bath and shower upgrades to forge spaces that are both attractive and practical. Our proficient team pledges to overhaul these critical areas of your home into exquisite spaces that mirror your distinct preferences while accommodating your everyday needs.

Niesen Construction

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Niesen Construction

Outdoor Renovations in Hays County

Decks, Pergolas, Porch Covers

Enhance your outdoor living space in Hays County with our custom outdoor renovation services. Dreaming of an inviting deck for social gatherings, a cozy pergola for shade, or a protective porch cover for all-season enjoyment? We possess the expertise to bring these ideas to fruition. Collaborating with you to capture your outdoor living aspirations, we design solutions that flawlessly blend with your current setup, turning your backyard into a welcoming haven.

Niesen Construction

General Handyman in Hays County

Small Repairs, Ongoing Maintenance, Property Maintenance

Tackle those minor repairs, maintain ongoing upkeep, and preserve your property with our general handyman services in Hays County, TX. Addressing everything from leaky faucets to drywall repairs and assorted maintenance duties, our capable handymen offer swift and dependable fixes. We recognize the significance of preserving your property’s condition and value, committed to maintaining its optimal state. Lean on us for your handyman needs, ensuring your home remains in impeccable order, saving you both time and hassle.

Niesen Construction

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NIESEN Construction is a preferred contractor for many Austin-area realtors.